Maher Gallery Dome Wooden Puzzle

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One of the most iconic features of the Nickerson Mansion is the Stained Glass Dome in the Maher Gallery.   

The Gallery originally served as the Nickerson family’s domestic museum—a space to display their collection of paintings and collection of curios, jades, porcelains, and ivories from the East. Although the art collection was housed in their private residence, the Nickersons, like many other American collectors of the period, believed it was their civic responsibility to share this collection with the public. The Nickersons invited art students into their home to study and view art, and Matilda Nickerson hosted receptions and lectures which focused on the art collection. In 1900, Samuel and Matilda Nickerson donated most of their extensive collections to the Art Institute of Chicago, ensuring that future generations would have access to them.

The mansion’s second owners, the Fishers, commissioned famed Prairie School architect George Washington Maher to redesign the Gallery. The renovation of the room included the additions of the stained-glass dome and the monumental fireplace with iridescent stained-glass tile, both attributed to the Chicago firm of Giannini & Hilgart (1899-present). 

Our custom puzzle consists of 250 premium quality laser cut wooden jigsaw pieces, with a velvet pouch.  Produced by Wentworth Wooden Puzzles in Great Britain, the puzzle features charming whimsy shaped pieces mixed in for added fun.