Guimard Silk Scarf

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Our exclusive 100% silk scarf for Hector Guimard: Art Nouveau to Modernism.

Hector Guimard: Art Nouveau to Modernism presents the work of Hector Guimard (1867-1942), France's most important Art Nouveau architect and his signature style, known as "Style Guimard".  The exhibition explores Guimard's commitment to sharing beautiful, sensuous, accessible designs for both civic architecture and everyday objects with a wide audience, as well as his modern entrepreneurial approach to promoting his work through Le Style Guimard branding and his use of mass-production technologies.

Our design is drawn from Wallpaper for Castel Beranger.  Designed c.1898.  Collection of Alain Blondel.


Scarf measures 33" x 62"

Dry Clean Only