Driehaus Museum Commemorative Book

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Commemorative Edition of The Richard H. Driehaus Museum

Bound in Japanese silk cloth, this limited edition book presents one of the grandest residences of 19th century Chicago, the Nickerson Mansion.

In a foreward by Museum Founder Richard H. Driehaus and conclusion by M. Kirby Talley, Jr, PhD, Founding Director and Director of the Nickerson Restoration, the metamorphosis of this magnificent old building is described.  Historical black and white photographs by Roland C. Nickerson, son of Samuel and Matilda Nickerson, transport us in time to experience how this palatial residence was revealed to its most prominent guests during the Gilded Age. Larger fold out pages with color photographs reveal the museum's grandeur as restored for our important visitors today.

"It is my hope that visitors to the Nickerson will think about the importance of the built environment and what it means to their lives on a daily basis."

- Richard H. Driehaus

"The Nickerson Mansion is the grandest surviving example in the United States of an exuberant mix of Renaissance Revival, Schinkelesque Neo-Classicism, and Aesthetic Movement Design." 

- M. Kirby Talley, Jr. Ph.D

Hardcover | 50 pages | 8.8 x 6.5 | Printed in an edition of 3,000 copies