White Marble Cheese Set with Metallic Edging & Knife in Suede Pouch

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The Nickerson Mansion was coined the Marble Palace due to the extensive use of marble in the interiors.

Like the marble floors, walls, and ceilings of the Nickerson Mansion (stone from Italy, France, Belgium, and a Tennessee White), the White Marble Cheese Plate with Metallic Edging is a timeless entertainment showstopper.

Choose from 2 color combinations:

  • White/Gold Leafing
  • White/Silver Leafing
    • Material: marble, stainless steel, brass plated handle 
    • Dimensions: Knife 1"W x 8.25"L, Cutting Board: from 12"W x 8.75"H to 13"W x 9.75"H 
    • Weight: from 3.5 lb to 4.5 lb per piece