Lost Chicago

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The "City of the Big Shoulders" is the quintessential American metropolis and the nation's supreme architectural innovator. In the wake of the Great Fire of 1871, a vast building boom changed the face of Chicago. Out of the ashes came audacious innovations in building techniques which would culminate in the world's first iron- and steel-framed skyscraper.

Lost Chicago explores the financial, cultural, and architectural history of this vibrant capital of America's heartland. David Garrard Lowe's crisp, lively prose, accompanied by more than 270 rare photographs and prints, brings to life the era when Gustavus Swift and Philip D. Armour presided over the world's largest stockyards; George M. Pullman constructed an entire town to produce his fabled sleeping cars; Cyrus McCormick's reaper revolutionized American farming; Marshall Field's and Carson Pirie Scott made State Street the equal of New York's Fifth Avenue and London's Regent Street; and Louis Sullivan, John Wellborn Root, and Frank Lloyd Wright embellished the city with structures that were at once daring and beautiful.

Here in Lost Chicago are the sumptuous mansions of Prairie Avenue and Lake Shore Drive; grand hotels like the Sherman and the Edgewater Beach; extravagant movie houses like the Tivoli; the memorable grandeur of the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition; and other places especially dear to the hearts of Chicagoans...all brought to dust by the wrecker's ball.

David Garrard Lowe is a lecturer, cultural historian, and the president of the Beaux Arts Alliance in New York City. He is the author of Stanford White's New York, Beaux Arts New York, Art Deco New York, The Great Chicago Fire, and Chicago Interiors.

Softcover | 272 pages | 274 halftones | 8.5 x 11