Driehaus Museum Tea Tin

Driehaus Museum Tea Tin

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Gilded Age eclecticism was not limited to the myriad interior design influences found inside the Nickerson Mansion. This same approach to borrowing from other great civilizations form some of America's most cherished and refined traditions.

As Dutch merchants made tea more readily available to those outside of the Chinese dynasty, British royals adopted tea as their preferred beverage.  And, it was not long before a newfound fanaticism for tea in Great Britain spread to the American colonies.  Loose teas gave rise to a more ceremonious event as tea kettles, mote spoons, tea strainers, bone china cups, and tea cozies added to the enchantment of the ritual.

Our Driehaus Museum Tea Tin holds the key to this fine tradition with an enjoyable selection of loose teas suitable for your own daily tea ritual.

    3 choices:
      English Breakfast: Rich & Mellow Black Tea Blend
        Red Chai: Caffeine-Free Spiced Tea Blend
          Peppermint: Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea


          • 2.75 oz. loose tea 
          • Hand-packaged for The Richard H. Driehaus Museum by Oliver Pluff & Co.