Artisan Studios Pattern Vase - Blue Stoneware

Artisan Studios Pattern Vase - Blue Stoneware

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The arts and crafts pottery movement began in America in the 1870s and resulted in the unique creativity and simplicity of hand-made decoration of the day.  Today, many small studio potters are returning to the roots of the original Arts and Crafts Movement producing limited edition or one-of-a-kind pottery.

Exciting contemporary designers involved in ensuring the highest quality manufacturing of their adaptations of old world designs keep the spirit of the Arts and Crafts Movement alive.  These midnight blue ceramic vases are one such example.

Choose from 3 textured designs to add that special touch of the hand-made to your décor.

  • Material:  glazed stoneware
  • Dimensions:  6 1/2"H x 4 3/4"D