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Chartreuse the Liqueur

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Made in the French Alps from a secret recipe of 130 herbs, flowers, and spices by the Carthusian order of monks since at least 1737 (with a recipe that supposedly dates as far back as 1605), few brands of distilled spirits have as much lore associated with them as Chartreuse. Coming in both yellow and green versions, the liqueur Chartreuse became so famous that its distinctive hue gave its name to the color, “chartreuse”.

In the 19th century, Chartreuse became indispensable behind the bar, both as an herbal digestif and a cocktail ingredient, included in such pre-Prohibition recipes as the Alaska, the Bijou, the Brandy Fix, the Last Word, and the Tipperary. A complete investigation of over 400 years of production bound in a beautiful coffee table book format, Chartreuse the Liqueur is an essential read for the Chartreuse lover and novice alike.

Hardcover | 348 pages | 9.25 x 11.25 in