Art of Letter Writing

Art of Letter Writing

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During the Gilded Age, letter writing was a creative act.  From the writer's handling of the fountain pen and committing thoughts to paper in unique script, to the recipient's anticipation of its arrival and safe keeping for another read years later, letters were a slow but savory communication.  With this art form came the highest standards of social decorum.  But, if you did not know the rules, it was easy to fall prey to the pitfalls that got in the way of demonstrating "good manners."

Originally published in the 1920s, the petite guides in the Bodleian Library (the main research library of the University of Oxford and one of the oldest libraries in Europe) offer time-honored advice to avoid such pitfalls.  The Art of Letter Writing guide provides more than fifty examples of well-crafted correspondence that will lend confidence whether one needs to break off an engagement, accept an invitation to a country house weekend, complain about a courier, or write to a countess.

Charmingly presented, The Art of Letter Writing is by turns both humorously old-fashioned and timeless, and it makes the perfect gift for all who miss this elegant bygone era.

Hardcover | 80 pages | 4 x 6