1888 Heavy-Duty Paper Drinking Straws (Pack of 24)

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Paper straws have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity due to environmental concerns but they were actually invented over a century ago.

In 1888, Marvin C. Stone — fed up with the mushiness and bad flavor of rye grass straws used then to drink mint juleps — patented the first ever manufactured drinking straw. Made from a spiral of Manila paper and held together with wax, these paper straws were immediate hit and used in all kinds of cold drinks until the plastic straw overtook paper's popularity after World War II. 

Manufactured by Aardvark Straws in Fort Wayne, Indiana — a corporate descendant of Marvin C. Stone's original Gilded Age straw manufacturing company — these heavy-duty paper straws will give an authentic pre-Prohibition touch to your home bar or kitchen.

Made from durable paper that won't turn soggy in your drink, they are perfect for mint juleps, Tom Collinses, juice, soda, or water — and are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

24 straws per package.