L'Affichomania Magnets - Set of Three

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Like a magnet, the bold and innovative graphics produced by the five grand masters of the Golden Age of Posters possessed a force that pulled the consumer to advertisements more effectively than ever before.

Set of Three Magnets
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Chéret Set: Three images from the ethereal works of Jules Chéret, lithographer and "father of the modern poster," evoke the height of reverie, amusement, and joy offered by new popular leisure customs of the day.

  • Le Punch Grassot, 1895
  • Folies Bergere / La Loie Fuller, Emilienne d'Alencon, 1893
  • Paris-Chicago, 1893

Les Bicyclettes Set: Three images from the most notable poster advertisements promoting the bicycle—the invention that embodied the independence of the newly emboldened New Woman.

  • Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Motocycles Comiot, 1899
  • Eugène Grasset, Cycles & Automobiles, 1899
  • Alphonse Mucha, Cycles Perfecta, 1902


  • Chéret Set Magnet Dimensions: 2" x 3" (Portrait) 
  • Les Bicyclettes Set Magnet Dimensions: 2" x 3" (Portrait) and 3" x 2" (Landscape)