Vintage-Style Collins Glass

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Among the quintessential 19th-century cocktails is the “Collins,” a class of drink simply made from a spirit, sugar, lemon juice, and soda over ice. The most popular of these is the Tom Collins, made from “Old Tom” gin. So popular in fact, that it lent its name to (or vice-versa, depending on the source) the great “Tom Collins Hoax of 1874” — a practical joke fad in which the joker would “warn” a friend about a (fictional) man named “Tom Collins” telling increasingly outlandish lies about them in a nearby bar.

With perfectly straight sides and made from heavy duty glass, these 12 ounce Collins glasses are the perfect size and shape for your Tom Collinses, gin fizzes, whiskey highballs, and even water, juice, or soda.

12oz capacity | 6in (15.25cm) height x 2.5in (6.4cm) diameter | Dishwasher safe